About Us

With a strong family heritage in Uganda, the founders of AFCAN; the family came to Uganda on a visit from Canada.

That is when they realized the need for high quality construction material. With this vision to produce only high quality construction material, AFCAN was confirmed.

Today, AFCAN has one of East Africa’s most high tech brick manufacturing unit. Thanks to the expertise of Canadian engineering, AFCAN has the capacity to produce large quantities of quality concrete bricks every day.

It’s not only the brick that is engineered to perfection but also the whole system of brick masonry, explained as “AS UNIQUE AS A LEGO SYSTEM.”

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Afcan Construction Materials LTD.

P O Box 33203

Plot 28 B Naguru Drive, Kampala


Tel: + 256 776126594 / +256 781 535 730

Email: info@afcan.co / afcanmalik@gmail.com